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    The future of fashion is slow

    We look back on more than 20 years of company history, in which LANIUS has grown constantly in all areas, without losing sight of the three most important maxims.


    We love fashion. Owing to the creativity of our design team, new LANIUS collections are created in our Cologne studio twice a year. Feminine, individual and designed with great attention to detail. Our ‘slow fashion’ design is characterised by considered trends and high-quality materials.


    We focus on sustainability and ecology: LANIUS is GOTS-certified, a member of the IVN and mainly uses biological materials that are controlled by independent institutes. Out of love and respect for animals, we use mulesing-free wool. Our vegan fashion is certified according to the ‘PETA-Approved Vegan’ logo for cruelty-free clothing.


    We collaborate responsibly with our production partners – regardless of whether they are major companies or small, family-run enterprises. In choosing them, we attach importance not only to certifications and quality labels but also to personal contact and shared values. Claudia Lanius visits our partners regularly. To guarantee employee welfare, we collaborate only with producers who are certified to the following standards: GOTS certification, SA8000 certification, the BSCI Code of conduct and auditing by the Fair Wear Foundation.

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    This is what makes LANIUS stand out

    Ethical & fair sourcing
    Ethical & fair sourcing
    We believe that good cooperation is an important success factor for the success of unique and high-quality textiles. Transparency is a key element of our sustainable DNA and creates understanding of how diverse the textile value chain is.
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    Sustainable & responsible materials
    Sustainable & responsible materials
    As a GOTS-certified fashion label, we primarily use organic materials that are inspected by independent institutes. These natural raw materials are key for the high-quality fabrics we use to make our LANIUS wardrobe favourites. Intensive R&D work is channelled into each collection to make our choice of fabrics even more sustainable.
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    Sustainable & responsible production
    Sustainable & responsible production Read more
    Reducing carbon emissions
    Reducing carbon emissions
    Our measures: Short value chains, biological materials, environmentally friendly transport, lightweight packaging, climate-neutral shipping, second-hand shipping boxes, climate-neutral print media, green office, renewable energies.
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    Sustainable & responsible materials/
    Organic Read more
    Natural ingredients
    Sustainable & responsible materials/
    Natural ingredients Read more
    Recycled materials
    Sustainable & responsible materials/
    Recycled materials Read more
    Carbon neutral
    Reducing carbon emissions/
    Carbon neutral Read more
    Cruelty-free & vegan
    Sustainable & responsible materials/
    Cruelty-free & vegan Read more

    UN Sustainable Development Goals in Focus

    12 – Responsible Consumption and Production
    12 – Responsible Consumption and Production
    13 – Climate Action
    13 – Climate Action
    8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth
    8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth

    Carbon Accounting and Neutrality

    We are carbon neutral Partner: ClimatePartner
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    We measure, monitor, and actively reduce our emissions
    We set an example for climate protection and see ourselves as a fashion label with an unconditional responsibility to act: For us, this means being CO₂-neutral. In cooperation with the experts from ClimatePartner, we determine the CO₂ emissions of our company's business activities at the Cologne location and the production of our entire collection every year and offset them via a climate protection project. Through this carbon offset, we give back to our earth what we take from it elsewhere as a producer and as a fashion label.
    Partner: ClimatePartner


    Ownership Characteristics
    Claudia Lanius is the founder and designer behind the brand. Together with her team, she develops the ideas that set apart the LANIUS collections in the Cologne studio. Her daughter Annabelle Homann began working for the company in 2013 and has joined the management team.
    Leadership Characteristics
    Led by women

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    Cologne, Germany

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