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    Making the world a little cleaner together

    In 2019, we set a goal to de-plasticize our own 4-walls. This wasn't about a brand or a startup, but simply about a strong need to become more sustainable. On this journey we realized how much household products pollute our environment with plastic, CO2 and chemicals and how easy it would be to improve this situation with really good products. The idea of everdrop was born.

    Sustainability is a process. We take you along with us.

    We have one goal: to make the world a little cleaner and thus create a livable place for all those who come after us. But that can't be done overnight. It's a long road, and not always easy to travel. We are constantly working on ourselves, improving and doing what we can on the way to greater sustainability.

    We are already saving a lot of unnecessary plastic waste with our products. We discharge fewer chemicals into the environment, do without microplastics and have many people around us who are working with us on our vision. But sure, we're not at the end yet, we're not perfect yet - the question is whether sustainable action will ever have a real end, whether it will ever be perfect, or whether it will always remain a process in which everyone constantly has the chance to become even better.

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    This is what makes Everdrop stand out

    Reducing carbon emissions
    Reducing carbon emissions
    Already now, a large part of our production is far below the average CO2 footprint of the industry. In the long term, our goal is not only to produce in a CO2-neutral manner, but also to have a positive CO2 balance. Our packaging for our laundry detergents is already produced in a CO2-neutral manner. We want to avoid additional environmental pollution by keeping transport distances as short as possible. With our everdrop tabs, you can save even more CO2 due to the reduced transport volume. Did you know that conventional cleaning agents consist of up to 90% water? Why so much hassle? For our tabs you can simply use water from the tap.
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    Cruelty-free & vegan
    Sustainable & responsible materials/
    Cruelty-free & vegan
    Household or cosmetic products very often contain animal ingredients. We at everdrop think that this does not have to be. Therefore, all our products do not contain animal ingredients. All everdrop products are vegan and free from animal testing. For us, this reflects our values, which we represent and want to carry into the world. That is why we only sell environmentally friendly products that have been produced without animal ingredients or animal testing. To make this also visible, there is the certificate "Vegan Flower" on our products.
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    Reducing waste
    Reducing waste
    Only together we can create a change. We don't want much... just less plastic, CO2 and chemicals! Let's make the world a little cleaner together. We have set ourselves the goal to de-plasticize our own 4 walls.
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    Transparent standards & communication
    Transparent standards & communication
    We would like nothing more than to make the world a little cleaner. It's clear that our products are developed to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. We'll explain exactly what is in our products. Follow the link.
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    UN Sustainable Development Goals in Focus

    12 – Responsible Consumption and Production
    12 – Responsible Consumption and Production
    13 – Climate Action
    13 – Climate Action

    Carbon Accounting and Neutrality

    We measure, monitor, and actively reduce our emissions
    We take our environmental footprint serious. We closely monitor and analyze the CO2 emissions of our manufacturers and choose cooperation partners who are also convinced of our mission. In the long term, our goal is not only to produce in a CO2-neutral way, but to have a positive CO2 balance. Already now, a large part of our production is far below the industry average. Our packaging for our detergents is already produced in a CO2-neutral way.


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