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    underwear & basics that simply feel better - in all respects.

    With this goal in mind, Sarah and Benjamin began working on a label for sustainable underwear products in 2015. In 2016, they founded erlich textil. In weeks of material science, color swatching, button engraving, test wearing, washing and test wearing again, the first collection of sustainably produced underwear for men and women was born.

    What spurred them on from day one: to create a real, sustainable alternative in the underwear market that was accessible and affordable to as many people as possible, so that they could actively help shape and drive change in the apparel industry.

    Fairness, sustainability and a positive working environment are especially close to their hearts. And you can see and feel this in every garment that leaves one of the European production facilities. High quality fabrics, made from organic cultivation (cotton kbA), renewable raw materials (Modal) or recycled materials (e.g. Q-Nova® or ECONYL®) are not only good for you, but also for your eco-balance.

    erlich textiles are unagitated, timelessly designed underwear products that are thought through to the last detail, with a restrained design and natural sex appeal. They are timeless due to their very high quality and design and do not follow short-term fashion trends. The high processing and fabric quality work for themselves and leave the pleasant erlich feel-good feeling on the skin.

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    This is what makes erlich textil stand out

    Sustainable & responsible materials
    Sustainable & responsible materials
    Nowadays, a wide variety of materials are produced worldwide and used for clothing. China, India and the USA, for example, are the largest suppliers of cotton (in India increasingly organic cotton!). Modal, on the other hand, is sold 80% from Austria to the world. At erlich textil, we try to create the majority of the added value of our products with as short supply routes as possible. Therefore, we are pleased to be able to label many of our textiles with the 'fabric made in Germany' seal. Fabrics that we label in this way are knitted, dyed and cut entirely in Germany. The garments are then sewn at one of our European locations.
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    Sustainable & responsible production
    Sustainable & responsible production
    Our products are created in collaboration with a certified textile factory in the Swabian Alb. All parts are manufactured exclusively in the European Union. We pay attention to the highest social standards, fair trade, short supply routes, transparent communication and the careful use of the resources of our planet.
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    Transparent standards & communication
    Transparent standards & communication
    Equally important for us is fairness and transparency. After all, behind every sewn garment are people who invest a lot of work and time to ensure that quality erlich textil products are created day after day. We want to reward them accordingly and therefore ensure that the workers at our production sites receive a fair salary and are guaranteed social standards. You want to know more? Follow the link.
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    Carbon Accounting and Neutrality

    We are carbon neutral Partner: ConClimate
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    We measure, monitor, and actively reduce our emissions
    Our partner ConClimate has calculated a CCF (Corporate Carbon Footprint) value of 30.2 t for our office location in Cologne for the year 2020. In the course of this, we committed to reforestation in Guanaré/Uruguay in the same year. The aim was to create usable land that can be used in a variety of ways. Not only more water and nutrients can be created, but also the wood raw materials, which were won by created forest areas, can be booked as success. Another value we consult here to track our emissions is the PCF (Product Carbon Footprint). This was also calculated for 2020 by ConClimate on a product-specific basis and was 1020.7 t Co2. This includes all indirect emissions that occur until the product leaves the warehouse. These include fiber origin, yarn production, material production as well as dyeing, bleaching and finishing. However, cutting, sewing and storage also contribute to the calculation of this value. We offset the emissions resulting from the PCF in 2020 with a solar energy project in Jaloya, India. Solar parks are being built for this purpose, through which 349,000 MWh of clean electricity can be generated annually.
    Partner: ConClimate

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