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    In the heart of Upper Franconia, in the quiet textile-weaving town of Helmbrechts, bleed has its origins – and remains rooted there today. The label was founded in 2008 by local skateboarder Michael Spitzbarth who had worked for a few years as a freelancer for various clothing companies after finishing his studies in Textile Design. During this time, he got a good insight into the ways of the textile industry which made it clear to him that something had to change. Nature had already bled enough and it had to stop. With this thought, both the name and the brand were born.

    bleed - 100% ECO, 100% FAIR, 150% YEAH!

    With the support of friends and family, Michael got to work on the first collections. His goal, both then and now, was to lead people of all ages to the green way of living using good style, without disapproving or pointing the finger. 10 years on, bleed has established itself firmly on the green market and its team has grown. Our team is now over 10 in number. Together we design, test and market clothing which has to both fulfil our requirements for sport and look good in everyday life. From the very beginning, we have always been in search of special materials. We also use these materials in unconventional ways for innovative, functional and extraordinary products. Through cooperations with organisations who share our passions for nature, people, animals and sports, we can pursue our mission and support each other.

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    This is what makes bleed stand out

    Sustainable & responsible materials/
    When we say organic, we mean all biodegradable materials which we also produce without pollutants, therefore with no chemicals with adverse health or environmental effects. This means no herbicides or pesticides during cultivation and no chrome, heavy metals or formaldehyde in the dying process. We use only certified, non-toxic and environmentally friendly dyes. Even when it comes to our techniques, there are no chemicals: neither through anti-wrinkle treatments nor protections against shrinkage in T-shirts. For us, organic means the entire product and manufacturing process, not just the raw material.
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    Recycled materials
    Sustainable & responsible materials/
    Recycled materials
    We've used 100% recycled polyester for the outer fabric of our coats and now we can be the first who also use a SYMPATEX® membrane made from 100% recycled PES. Since the autumn/winter 2018/19 collection, we've also worked with fleece fabric from POLARTEC® which is produced from recycled plastic bottles. As well as that, for 2 years we have been offering a diverse swimwear collection in summer which is produced from recycled fishing nets.
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    Sustainable & responsible materials
    Sustainable & responsible materials
    Organic Cotton, Cork, TENCEL®, Hemp, Linen, Recycled Polyester, Jacroki®, Kapok, Econyl®. You can see our range materials is wide but all of them were selected carefully with many aspects in mind: low water consumption, no herbicides or pesticides, recycled, recyclable, quality and comfort - amongst many others.
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    Ocean plastic
    Sustainable & responsible materials/Recycled materials/
    Ocean plastic
    We come full circle with our ECONYL® products: the recyclable bleed sportswear and swimwear are made from rubbish and ocean plastic without compromising on the highest standards of functionality and sustainability. This fair, eco-friendly swimwear can do it all: diving from the 10-metre board, snorkelling in saltwater, riding the next wave or sunbathing by the lake. The material ECOYNL® is salt, chlorine and UV resistant whilst remaining soft and elastic.
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    Ethical & fair sourcing
    Ethical & fair sourcing
    The production of clothing is still today a demanding craft, in which only a few steps can be done by machines. For this reason, the following social standards are self-evident for us: fair payment, health insurency, protected labour condition, regulated working times, a ban of child labor, and ethical business practices.
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    Cruelty-free & vegan
    Sustainable & responsible materials/
    Cruelty-free & vegan
    Our manufacturers are obliged to only use vegan materials for the production of our products. We confirm this through written agreement as well as regular presence and checks at each manufacturer.
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    Carbon Accounting and Neutrality

    We are carbon neutral Partner: Climate Partner
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    We measure, monitor, and actively reduce our emissions
    Since 2018 we have been working together with Climate Partner. A provider who has set itself the task of helping companies of all kinds calculate and reduce CO2 emissions, implement climate protection strategies and offset CO2 emissions through some outstanding climate protection projects. Over the next few years, we want to further improve these figures and reduce CO2 emissions. For example, we also have products that are completely carbon-neutral. Such as our Sympatex jackets, Better Climate Sweater and matching socks.
    Partner: Climate Partner


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