From city to summit. Performance clothing with responsibility.

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    Aeance offers a system of high-end performance apparel, built on the idea that less is better. Our garments are informed by our own needs as endurance athletes and outdoors lovers. Our concept stands for minimalist aesthetics, advanced technical performance, and a strong focus on eco-sustainability. We believe in a future of clothing that simplifies our lives and increases our wellbeing. Versatility from city to summit.

    We are committed to create garments with the least possible impact on the environment and have set up a supply chain focusing on sustainability and responsibility. Our garments are manufactured in Portugal, Europe with latest manufacturing technology and highest quality performance materials. Our fabrics and materials comply with strictest eco-standards such as bluesign®, OEKO-TEX®, GRS (Global Recycle Standard) and ZQ Merino.

    Our offering is non-seasonal. We believe in owning less but better things, made in a way that minimizes harm to us and our planet.

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