Sustainable banking, investments, and offsetting.

Our platform offers two suggested actions that continuously do good with just one right decision.
The first is green energy and the second is where you invest your money.

Your money has the power to change the world. With almost zero effort.

Make your capital part of the solution. Let it do the hard work and amplify your positive contribution to a more sustainable future!

Sustainable Banking

A bank needs to invest your money to make more money. That’s how it works. And this is how you gain interest on your savings that you park in a bank account. Admittedly, there have not been high interest rates in recent years, but your banks have invested anyway.

This is where you can make the difference. Your money, your choice. Choose a bank that invests in projects, companies, and industries committed to greater sustainability.

Good to know: most banks offer an easy account switching service. No hassle and no extra cost. Your new green bank analyzes your direct debits, incoming payments, and standing orders – you pick the ones you want to transfer to your new account.

Tomorrow – Save time, money, and the planet

Wood is the new good. 
Our wooden card stands for a new way of looking at money and consumption. Included in Zero. Source:
Tomorrow is a certified B Corp.
  • Starting at 3€ per month, climate protection with every Euro, and a free Visa Debit Card.
  • For 15€ per month, you even compensate your life to be carbon-neutral and can skip the carbon compensation in the next section. Next to unlimed worldwide withdrawals.

Already more than 120.000 people support Tomorrow’s mission, they have the best ranked Banking App in the App Store and already invested more than 87,5m€ in sustainable projects. What are you waiting for? Long-term positive impact just takes you 8 minutes.

>> Discover the first account with an integrated CO2 calculator <<

Residence of the following countries can open a Tomorrow account Germany, Cyprus, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain.

Compare different sustainable banking accounts

So let’s introduce some alternatives:

Tridos Bank (BE, DE, ES, FR, NL, UK)

Triodos Bank is the leading sustainable bank in Europe. They finance companies, institutions, and projects that add cultural value, benefit people and the environment.

747.000 customers and 861kt CO2-Emissions prevented in 2021.

For 5,50€ per month, you get your green bank account with a credit card, a mobile app, and worldwide withdrawals at no extra cost.

>> See their offer <<

Active in Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, UK

EthikBank (DE)

EthikBank is an ethical-ecological direct bank. The companies that receive money from EthikBank must be actively committed to sustainable business practices. Companies and states are regularly subjected to ethics audits. EthikBank supports one ethical, one women’s, and one environmental project. EthikBank customers can also support these projects by choosing a sponsorship account.

Starting at 2,00€ per month (8,50€/month after the first year), you’ll get a mobile-ready banking account with a free MasterCard (with a card turnover of at least € 4,000 per year). Withdrawals are for free from more than 19.000 ATMs.

>> See their offer << (German)

Active in Germany

GLS Bank (DE)

Founded in 1974, GLS Bank is the first social-ecological full-service bank in the world. They invest exclusively in companies and projects that are forward-looking from an ecological, social, and economic perspective – whether in the field of renewable energies, ecological agriculture, kindergartens, schools, the organic sector, or in living and working communities for people with disabilities.

If you are 27 or younger, you’ll get a bank account without any monthly fees. Apart from a 12€ GLS solidarity contribution to get it all set up.

For those over their mid-twenties, €3,80 per month for a mobile-ready bank account with free worldwide withdrawals. With an additional 2,50€ per month, you’ll get a Visa BasicCard or MasterCard.

>> See their offer << (German)

Active in Germany

Treecard (US)

The wooden Mastercard® that reforests the planet as you spend. You guessed it: The tree-planting search engine and one of the largest tree planters in the world, Ecosia, is behind this newcomer.

Treecard doesn’t charge any monthly fees, loading fees, foreign currency fees, ATM withdrawal or balance inquiry fees, customer support fees, or inactivity fees. 🤩

>> See their offer <<

Active in the United Stated

bunq Easy Green (All citizens of the European Economic Area)

They built their own financial system from the ground up, and with the launch of the app in 2015, reinvented banking as you know it. That’s why they are the only Unicorn (a startup company with a value of over $1 billion) on our list.

Easy Green users plant a tree for every €100 they spend. The first Million trees were already planted on Sep 1, 2021.

For €17.99 per month, you get all the features you could ever want from a modern bank account.

>> See their offer <<

As a side note, bunq lets you decide how your money is invested. But the other companies in this list put more emphasis on choosing the right sustainable and social investments – or completely exclude other types of projects anyway.

Active in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine

Tomorrow (Most citenzens of the European Economic Area)

Tomorrow claims to be the „bank from and of tomorrow“​ – sustainable, transparent, mobile. Since late 2018, Tomorrow offers a sustainable bank account that is consistently tailored to the mobile age. With a positive social and environmental footprint, in all products and services. Transparent and in dialogue with all our stakeholders.

For 3€ per month, you get climate protection with every Euro, a Visa Debit Card and withdrawals in foreign currencies at no additional fees.

For 7€ per month, you’ll get 5 free monthly withdrawals and the possibility to setup a shared account.

With 15€ per month, unlimited free withdrawals, wooden card included, and an carbon offset of your annual carbon footprint.

>> See their offer <<

Active in Cyprus, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain.

Carbon Compensation & Offsetting
for the unavoidable

Well, the last two years have been full of „WE ARE CARBON NEUTRAL“ headlines.

The magic trick is called carbon offsetting and it’s not only reserved for the rich and famous to be a „carbon neutral“ entity on this planet. The concept behind is that the carbon offset is negating or offsetting the same amount of carbon emissions „the offsetter“ releases into the atmosphere. Carbon emissions have the same impact on the climate no matter where they are emitted. Hence, there are several ways in which an offset can absorb carbon dioxide in the different parts of the world: investments in renewable energy sources like wind and solar, forest preservation, or funding activities like planting new trees.

Sounds too easy?

Sounds too easy? Yes, it does. The more you can do to reduce your carbon footprint the better. But there will be always something left that can’t be negated – that’s where carbon offsetting might compensate for your remaining CO2 emissions.

We probably don’t need to speak about why greenhouse gas emissions matter, but here’s a little insight into why everyone can and should get involved in reducing carbon emissions:

Before we jump to possible offsetting projects, you might wonder: haven’t we planted enough trees yet? The world has lost one-third of its forests by expanding agricultural land. Year by year deforestation and hence the release of carbon emissions and loss of wildlife, plants, and other species continues. The worst: many rich countries are driving deforestation. 79% of exported deforestation ended up in those countries that had stopped losing domestic forests.

Enough of facts and figures… Let’s get to the actions.

Before we introduce different ways how to reduce carbon emissions and how to offset them, you should know that there are different „quality standards“. Therefore, the price per compensated ton can vary quite a lot. As a rule of thumb, look for offsetting projects that are following international standards and are labeled as Gold Standard (CER), Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), or Verified Carbon Standard (VCS). In addition, there are other national initiatives and standards.

Change habits and get rewards for saved emissions

Below is a short list of habit changing companions for your smartphone.
Try them out and make your journey to a sustainable lifestyle fun and engaging.

Let’s keep it simple: One action a day. The app suggest one simple action each day. OneSave/Day wants to scale individual action to a global level.

AWorld was selected as the official platform to support ACTNOW United Nations campaign for individual action on climate change and sustainability. The mobile app that guide you towards living sustainability with great educational content.


PLAN3T rewards you for a sustainable lifestyle. Save CO2 and money at the same time. Partners like Mela, FlixTrain, Enpal, Salzwasser, LANIUS, and ekn footwear already on board.


Keepoala rewards you for every online shopping parcel that you don’t return. Keeping 3 orders will give you access to shops of partners such as Netflix, Deutsche Bahn or Flixbus.


2Zero goes beyond a high-level CO2 calculator. Calculate your personal carbon footprint, complete in CO2 reduction challenges, and get more everyday help.


The eevie app is a personal carbon tracker applying science-based behavioural design methods. Make lasting habit changes, earn tree rewards and grow your very own forest.

Earnest (German)
Earnest gamifies your very personal journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Great design and bite-sized insights included. Pass everyday challenges and Earnest will reward you with points.

Compensate your carbon footprint – on autopilot

Compensate your unavoidable flights

Plant and gift trees

Impact Investing made easy

Your capital can be a powerful force for good. From small investments in solar energy projects in emerging projects to direct impact investions. Doing good for people and the planet and making money at the same time is not mutually exclusive.

High impact and high returns! Let’s dive into impact investing.

Your Inyova Strategy on Mobile
Your personal stock protfolio made up of impact-driven companies. Inyova cuts through the clutter and allows you to develop your personal strategy based on your personal preferences. Inyova

Comparison of Impact Investment Services and Solutions

ecoligo (Citizens of the European Economic Area) – Crowdinvesting

Crowdinvesting for a greener future. Fund solar projects. Get a return. Save the planet.
You invest in solar projects around the globe and earn interest on your investment from day one. Ecoligo is active in emerging markets where energy prices are high and the fast-growing economies are creating a new demand for energy.

>> Get started with a little as 100€ <<

You will need a bank account at a European credit institution (from which you can make a SEPA transfer) to invest in ecoligo’s projects.

trine (Citizens of the European Economic Area) – Crowinvesting

Find a loan you like, invest and bring clean energy to emerging markets. Trine’s mission is to give people a triple return on investment – earn a profit while making social and environmental impact.

>> Get started with a little as 25€ <<

Available for investors must live in the EEA region (European Economic Area). Investors from Switzerland are also able to invest.

Time for Planet (Citizens of the European Economic Area) – Direct investment in 100 innovations

Time for the Planet® is gathering money to detect and deploy 100 global innovations against greenhouse gases. Almost 12 Mio € have been raised already by more than 60.000 shareholders.