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Shopping for Good
Impactful Measures

Food & Beverages

We are still doing plenty of research and look for impact brands... Stay tuned!
Food & Beverages

Commute & Travel

We still do some research and partner with services that make it easy for you to reduce your footprint.... Stay tuned!
Commute & Travel

Electricity & Living

Switch to green electricity. If you are living in Germany, we made it easy for you.
Electricity & Living


A buzzword with many facets.

From social impact

to environmental matters

From saving the ocean

to protecting life on land

From supporting locals

to finding global solutions

We look beneath the surface.
From buzzwords to facts. Without the bla bla.

Wondering if your decisions make the difference?

Then keep on scrolling…

If everyone lived like citizens in Europe, we would need

🌍🌍🌍 earths.

But there is only one earth.

0 Mio
girls are at risk to become married
before they turn 18.
0 %
of species assessed by the IUCN Red list
are threatened with extinction.
0, 0 kg
plastic waste
per person per per day in 🇩🇪.

So what can you do?
Let your money do the work.

We spotted companies that are driven by more than profit. You decide what matters most to you.

No greenwashing, a better tomorrow in action! Support the companies that are doing the hard work for us. 

Simple recipes for a more sustainable lifestyle.
The time to act is now.

0 %
of your CO₂ footprint*

Any item not purchased is the most sustainable choice. This being said, every decision matters. This category is full of opportunities and not just limited to saving emissions: ocean-plastic recycling, fewer toxins, organic, zero waste, giving back, secondhand, and many more. 

Buy from impact-driven brands

Impact: social to environmental impact - every purchase makes the difference, you choose.
Effort: with Ympact, you are just one search away.
Difficulty: easy.

Shopping for Good

Discover Brands

Electricity & Living

0 %
of your CO₂ footprint*

Smart home, clever heating, good insulation. These actions can contribute significantly to reducing our impact on the environment. While most of the measures only need to be done once, they will give you continuous peace of mind. It’s easier than you think.

Change to green electricity

Impact: huge CO2 reduction potential.
Effort: low, one-time.
Difficulty: easy.

Electricity & Living

Discover Providers

Food & Beverages

0 %
of your CO₂ footprint*
Did you know that 77% of the global farming land is used for the production of animal feed – which accounts for only 18% of the world’s calories? Meanwhile, more than 720 million people are plagued with hunger. Overfishing, food wasteoverfertilization, plastic waste. Whew! That seems like a tough nut to crack, but we have some inspiration for you.

Introduce [vegetarian]* days

* or seasonal-/local-/organic-only shopping days.

Impact: environmental, esp. for our climate.
Effort: nobody is perfect. Don't overcomplicate it.
Difficulty: start with what's easiest for you.

Food & Beverages

Discover Brands

Commute & Travel

0 %
of your CO₂ footprint*

Overall, the most sustainable ways to travel are via walking, bicycle, or train. No news so far. But did you know that a flight might be still a better solution than taking your car for the next business trip? It is definitely worth comparing the different means of transport and taking the bike or train as often as possible.

Take the bike for one day a week

Impact: health-improvements, happiness, carbon saving.
Effort: many calories and more time (for you).
Difficulty: easy.

Commute & Travel

Discover Solutions

Money makes the world go around

Literally, let your money do the work. Increase your leverage with just one good decision: choose the right bank and/or investments. In addition, planting your own trees is very popular lately. Compensate for what is difficult/impossible to reduce. 

Change to a bank which invests your money only into sustainable businesses.

Impact: substantial long-term social and environmental impact.
Effort: low, one-time, no active participation needed.
Difficulty: easy.

Public Infrastructure

Do your decisions matter? Only 8% are based on public infrastructure – the rest is all up to you. So let’s start!

0 %
of your CO₂ footprint*

*Average carbon footprint per person. 

Yours might be different. Just calculate it.

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