A product discovery platform dedicated to impact-driven brands. 

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0 %
Of consumers plan to buy more environmentally-friendly products.1

However, just a fraction of those consumers put their intentions into practice.

We are here to change this.

A discovery platform dedicated to impact-driven brands and products.

We reduce the efforts required to find more sustainable products and brands. We want to tell stories. We want to inspire. That’s why we need you.


Making it easier for consumers to find your brand.
High-quality traffic directly to your website.
No intermediaries.

0 %
Of consumers change purchase preferences based on the social or environmental matters 2

but only

0 %
Of EU citizens trust producers’ claims about their products’ environmental performance completely 3

Showcase your impact.
Our mission is transparency.

Green marketing campaigns without substance hurt those who really make the difference. With our brand impact profiles, we create the focal platform for brands that walk the talk – across all industries.

Let’s translate buzzwords into meaningful values.

Focus on the user experience.
We educate and create awareness.

Most consumers find it difficult to put a sustainable lifestyle into practice. They lack the know-how and time for research.

With our bite-sized educational snippets, we inspire consumers to take action. We highlight more sustainable product alternatives and offer inspiring brand stories.

In the meantime, you are free to focus on creating exceptional products, superior quality, and an outstanding user experience in your own web store.

Increase your trustworthiness.
With our verified brand impact widget for your website.*

We are not another certification. We verify your claims so that your website visitor don’t need to do it. Making it simple by reducing it to easy-to-understand values and attributes.



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You may be wondering...

Yes, claiming your brand impact profile is for free. Our mission is to create transparency for a sustainable lifestyle at ease. We provide impact-driven brands with a platform to showcase their values and what makes them stand out. 

So how do we make money? With affiliate commissions and ad revenue.

Simple. You can do it all yourself. Just claim your profile or create a new one if we haven’t created your profile yet.

When you fill-out your profile, you can also decide to leave some of the sections empty. They won’t be displayed in your public brand profile.

It’s all self-service, so it’s pretty much dependent on you. In our experience, most brands already have the information available and don’t need to create new content. The text fields are usually limited to a few sentences, so you don’t have to worry about writing long descriptions.

We have several options:

  1. Our bots scrape the products directly from your e-commerce store and update them at regular intervals. So no active involvement is required on your part.
  2. You provide a CSV or XML file with all the relevant product data.
  3. You create and update them manually in our store manager.

Due to our limited resources, we only scrape and import products from brands that offer affiliate commissions. Our goal is to change this in the near future, but for that we need to increase our human and bot resources first. 

Hello there! We are Claire and Johannes. It’s a pleasure to meet you. We’ve been struggling with making more sustainable decisions on a regular basis. Simply because it takes a lot more effort and research. That’s exactly what we want to change. We want to provide an overview, aggregate knowledge and build a platform that is also targeted at less eco-conscious consumers.

Stronger together.
Join our community made up of the most impact-driven brands.

Engage and collaborate with other Ympact brands: Networking, supply chain insights, shared fulfillment operations, pop-up store collaborations, joint marketing campaigns… the opportunities are limitless.

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