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Climate change is the biggest challenge of our time. It’s all linked to the way we live and consume.

Every purchase has an impact.
Let’s make it a positive one.


Leaving the comfort zone and extra effort? We want to change this. Sustainability should be fun and sexy.

A discovery platform for a sustainable lifestyle at ease.


We aggregate information. Brands, products, reviews, and facts. We create transparency. We empower consumers and producers alike to make better decisions. For the people. For the planet.

Inspiring brand stories, transparent company profiles, and bite-sized insights.


Johannes, Claire, and Dominik are collaborating across Europe to build a platform with global impact. Still a small team for a massive challenge… One step at a time. πŸ€—

Join us. We are actively looking for co-founders/support in Marketing and Engineering.

Meet Johannes

A wonderful good day to you!
I am Johannes. Founder of Ympact.

Over the past few years, I’ve made a lot of changes toward a more sustainable lifestyle. But what I’ve struggled with is replacing my everyday products with more sustainable alternatives. Too much greenwashing, too eco, too expensive, too niche. In a busy world, it still takes too much effort to live more responsibly. That’s what I want to change, and that’s why I founded Ympact.

Who am I?
Start-up enthusiast, living in Munich, surrounded by great people and beautiful nature.

My passions:
Mountains. Coffee. Food.

My superpowers:
Happiness. Empathy. Organizational X-Ray Vision.

My weakness:
Not having another full-time co-founder yet. Join us πŸ™‚

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