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A buzzword with many facets.

From social impact

to environmental matters.

From saving the ocean

to protecting life on land.

From supporting locals

to finding global solutions.

We look beneath the surface.
From buzzwords to facts. Without the bla bla.

Wondering if your decisions make the difference?
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0 %

of the avg. carbon footprint is directly linked to your individual decisions.

Only 8% can be accounted on public infrastructure.


Not only greenhouse gases, but also low wages, deforestation, non-recycled waste, loss of biodiversity – it is all related to the way we buy and consume.
One small step at a time. Together we can change it.

If everyone lived like citizens in Europe, we would need

🌍🌍🌍 earths.

We only have one.

0 Mio
girls are at risk to become married
before they turn 18.
0 %
of species assessed by the IUCN Red list
are threatened with extinction.
0, 0 kg
plastic waste
per person per per day in 🇩🇪.

So what can you do?
Let your money do the work.

We spotted companies that are driven by more than profit. You decide what matters most to you.

No greenwashing, a better tomorrow in action! Support the companies that are doing the hard work for us. 

  Happy you. Happy people. Happy planet.  
   We make it easy & transparent. 

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A more sustainable lifestyle
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